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Ditcham Park School - Weather Station

Ditcham Park School is proud to announce the arrival of our new

‘Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station’

Located on the Science Centre, the weather station is multifunctional, recording and displaying barometric pressure, internal and external temperatures, humidity, rainfall, directional wind speeds, sunrise and sunset times as well as the moon phases. In addition, it also calculates wind chill and dew points, whilst displaying current conditions and then providing a forecast.

The aim is to collate all this collectable data so that Ditcham students, from Reception Class through to Form 5, will be able to incorporate relevant statistical information within their lessons across a wide range of curriculum areas.

The updated current Ditcham Park School micro-climate data is available to all via the school website. If you follow the link to our weather station, you will be able to see the current climate at Ditcham Park School.

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