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Ditcham Park School - Youth Environment Conference

A Conference was held at Ditcham Park School on Friday 21 January 2011 to offer schools located in and around the South Downs National Park the opportunity to listen to speakers and discuss various topics

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YEC 2012 Programme

Please click here for the YEC 2012 flyer.

Our second Youth Environment Conference (YEC) will be held at 2 pm on Friday 24 February 2012 to offer the opportunity to pupils aged between 11 and 16 from local schools to listen to leading experts and to discuss Climate Change and decide how we can make a difference.

Please find some information about the panel of experts below as well as a link for your pupils to use to measure the Carbon Footprint.

Panel of experts

Following the success of YEC 2011, we are delighted to be welcoming back Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director, UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance, a sea diver, skydiver, ultra marathon runner, high-altitude mountaineer (member of the Xtreme Everest Medical Team), genetics researcher (and discoverer of the human fitness gene), writer, and founder of Project Genie - Professor Montgomery also holds the world record for underwater piano playing!

Click this Link ----"The Genie in the Bottle" by Hugh Montgomery

Professor Montgomery has just returned from the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP17), Durban, December 2011, and will give us an outline of the current facts about Climate Change and the impact on human health. Professor Montgomery is director of the Institute of Human Health Performance, and Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College London

This year we are also very excited to be welcoming to our Conference Dr Mike Edwards, Dr Mark Broadmeadow and Gareth Baynham-Hughes.

Dr Mike Edwards is an independent Climate Change expert and environmental educator. Dr Edwards has collaborated with the UK Government to raise public awareness of Climate Change, has a Ph.D on the links between Climate Change and security. Dr Edwards was the Climate Change Adviser to the humanitarian agency, CAFOD.;feature=related

He is also one of the world’s most accomplished didgeridoo players!

Dr Edwards will talk to us about how to have a lifestyle that does not impact negatively on the environment, and to create a vision for a sustainable world. 

Dr Mark Broadmeadow, Climate Change Programmes Manager for the Forestry Commission. Dr Broadmeadow is an acknowledged expert in forestry and climate change.

Mark is the Forestry Commission's main advisor on climate change and is working to ensure that England's woods and forests survive the worst that climate change can throw at them. His role is also to encourage woodland creation to store carbon, provide renewable energy and sustainable building materials - wood! Mark spent 15 years researching climate change, before turning his attention to using this knowledge to make a real difference to forestry.

Gareth Baynham-Hughes, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), who will talk to us about how he managed to reduce the energy bills at his offices in Whitehall by £250,000. More info to follow…..

Quick Homework!

How to measure your Carbon Footprint

Please register your school and ask your pupils to take part.

Students will be given the opportunity to listen, explore, discuss, debate, decide and present how they feel they can make the difference to the future of our planet. For further details please contact the school by telephone or email


YEC 2011

The topics discussed were as follows:

  • What difference will the South Downs National Park make to the lives of young people?
  • What is the impact of the South Downs National Park on the environment?
  • Why should young people get involved in creating a greener Britain?


The conference was the initiative of the former Head Girl Lucy Dobbs and the former Head Boy Caspian Conran. Speeches were given by Damian Hinds, MP for East Hampshire; Margaret Paren, Chairman, South Downs National Park Authority; Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of Intensive Care Medicine at UCL and author of Project Genie; Matthew Woodcock, Forestry Commission; Pippa Greenwood, Radio 4’s Gardener’s World; Steve Peach, Queen Elizabeth Country Park’ and Andy Lewis, Head Gardener, Uppark. The conference was attended by pupils from Bedales, Bohunt School, Churcher’s College, Ditcham Park School, Horndean College of Technology, Lavant House, Portsmouth Grammar School, and The Petersfield School.

Please use the links to view PowerPoint presentations from the Conference.

Margaret Paren: Chairman of South Downs National Park

The role of young people in the SDNP

Professor Hugh Montgomery: Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at UCL and Author of Project Genie

How young people can become involved in creating a greener Britain

Matthew Woodcock: Forestry Commission.

The use of wood for fuel.

Steve Peach: Ranger - Queen Elizabeth Country Park

How young people can get involved with conservation at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Andy Lewis: Head Gardener at Uppark

Conservation at Uppark