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Ditcham Park School - Chair of Governors

On behalf of the Governing body I wholeheartedly welcome you to Ditcham Park School where we look to provide a Ditcham experience that is the richest possible for the successful education of your child.

I am proud to have been associated with the School since 1986, firstly as a parent and since 2002 as a Governor. It is a privilege to chair the Council of Governors, a position I have held since 2006.

At Ditcham Park School the Governors work as a team in conjunction with the Head Teacher and Staff to promote the School’s overall aim to "maintain a financially viable, stable and thriving School, achieving high standards of pastoral care and educational attainment"

Governance at Ditcham Park School

I and my fellow Governors are responsible for the effective governance of this unique and successful School through the Council of Governors which meets five times a year and two Sub-committees, one for Finance, and one for Buildings. We have overall responsibility for all aspects of the life of the School including, in particular, Educational, Legal, Financial, and Personnel matters.

Governors are appointed both for the abilities, skills and experience which they can bring to the Council as well as providing those without any previous experience an opportunity to expand their horizons and enhance their personal development through relevant training and mentoring. It is important that we all have the ability to work as a team in conjunction with the Head Teacher and Staff.


We support the ethos and development of the School through careful long term planning. The Martin Pryce building, our Sports Hall, and two recent new Junior classrooms are evidence of the results of this effort to provide first class facilities for the best education of your child.

Governors are encouraged to visit the School at any time and will often been seen in attendance at the many and varied School events as well as on planned Governor visits. When and where appropriate they receive training to maximise their effectiveness and current knowledge of the independent sector and the educational, legislative, and financial environment which influence the decisions they are required to make. A Governor’s term of office is usually for three years after which they can seek to be re-appointed. I expect that all parents will have a number of opportunities to meet Governors during their child’s time at Ditcham Park School. Once again let me welcome you to Ditcham Park School, a unique school in a very special location.

Bruce Strugnell