The Science Department believe in stimulating curiosity and enjoyment in Science and the World around us. 

Our key aims are:

The Science staff are all experienced teachers with a diverse range of scientific backgrounds including geology, ecology, mechanical engineering, marine biology, electrical engineering, pharmacology and genetics.  We are all passionate about our subject and work hard to make science lessons engaging and exciting as well as effective in preparing our students for the future.

Science is taught across the five years.  In Form 1, students are introduced to the ten key topics within the science curriculum and begin to develop scientific skills that will allow them to enquire, investigate and report findings.  In Form 2, students revisit the ten topics and learn about them in more details, as well as completing more challenging practical enquiry.  From Form 3, Science is taught as three separate disciplines, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Each discipline is delivered through two, one-hour lessons each week by subject specialists.

Two pathways are offered in Science, the AQA Trilogy Combined Science GCSE which results in two GCSEs or the AQA Separate Science GCSEs which results in three distinct GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

The Science curriculum is enhanced with many opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. Trips are run to Marwell Zoo, to study conservation biology and to London to attend the annual GCSE Science Live lecture.  Students take part in the Royal Society of Biology ‘Biology Challenge’, the Royal Society of Chemistry ‘Chemistry Olympiad’ and the British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad ‘Intermediate Challenge’.

Science at Ditcham Park is very well resourced. Pupils have access to three fully equipped laboratories and regularly updated scientific equipment. The innovative use of, for example, mini ripple tanks, laser ray boxes, and Pasco wireless dataloggers demonstrates the department’s commitment to providing pupils with the latest technology. Learning is further enhanced using iPads, Google Classroom, Google Expeditions, and interactive whiteboards.  This, together with access to a suite of support software such as Kerboodle and My GCSE Science ensures that quality independent learning and examination preparation can become routine.

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