Business Studies


Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies

Business is everywhere.  From the trading floor of Wall Street to the warehouse floor at Amazon, from the budding entrepreneur pitching in the Dragon’s Den to the business hopeful striving to be the next Apprentice, business makes the world go round.  Having a head for business and understanding its ins and outs opens up a world of opportunities.

At Ditcham Park School, Business is a GCSE option subject so can only be studied by pupils who have chosen Business as one of their four GCSE Options. We offer a three year GCSE programme so we have time to explore in depth the different elements that make up the AQA GCSE Business 8132 specification we are currently studying. The course is divided up into four main subsections;

These four areas are focused on within a study of broader business concepts within two units;

In recent years Business pupils have run a range of businesses that have given them a chance to put into practice the theoretical concepts and skills that they developed in class. Break Even analysis, Income statements, Gross Profit Margins, Marketing and Price Strategies come alive when there are real customers and real money on the table. £100,000 (of virtual money) to invest into the UK share market is another yearly test of Business Pupils entrepreneurial spirit.

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