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Year 4 – (Lower Juniors)

In Lower Juniors, much is made of the fantastic environment at the school to support our teaching and learning, allowing the pupils to spend as much time as possible outdoors, whilst also ensuring that they are active and involved learners. Many lessons involve role play and pupil interaction, as we believe that participation ensures increased focus and achievement.

With the exception of mathematics and spelling, all subjects are taught in mixed ability groups with appropriate differentiation in each lesson. All pupils have achievements to celebrate and, as teachers, we ensure that the expectations are appropriate and sufficiently demanding for each pupil.

On occasion the Lower Juniors come together to work or to perform for each other, thereby providing the pupils with the opportunity to interact with as many different individuals as possible. Encouraging pupils to develop their inter-personal skills and strategies for dealing with different size groups are important elements of their development. This is further extended by our residential trip where the curriculum and social activities are enjoyed by all.

Wherever possible cross-curricular links are explored. For instance, our study of the Romans in history lessons during the Spring Term is supplemented with the design and making of mosaics in art, the writing of archaeological reports in English and the use of Roman numerals in mathematics.

In Lower Juniors pupils are expected to read to an adult each night and spend time learning their times tables for the weekly challenges as well as the spellings they will have been given. No additional homework is set as we believe that they need to be able to relax at home after a hard day at school – there will be plenty of time in the future for a more structured evening!


Autumn Newsletter 2022
28th Nov 2022

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