Pre Prep Year 1


Pre-Prep (Year 1)

This year marks a key transition from the Reception class, where the teaching style fully embraces free flow learning, to a more routine but play-centred approach.

We create a happy, warm and friendly atmosphere in which all members of the class feel secure and able to ask questions, share their thoughts and further their own learning through practical and hands-on activities.

Our children are encouraged to become independent learners who can access the curriculum at their level. This is achieved through ensuring good accessibility to a wide range of resources, appropriate questioning, activities that are tailored to the child’s ability, a high level of expectation, clear learning objectives and lots of praise.

Whenever possible, all subjects are taught under the umbrella of topic work. We follow a creative curriculum which allows the children to explore, discover and apply a range of new skills.

We carry out many STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) challenges throughout the year and take part in an engineering competition where we design solutions to solve a problem. We also enjoy taking part in the Crest Award where we solve real life problems using science and engineering to help us.

Our setting lends itself to a whole array of stimulating lessons, and we often take our work into the outdoor classroom. The awe and wonder of the outdoors is continued on our class trips to the Weald and Downland Museum, Hyden Farm, Tuppenny Barn and Birdworld.

Homework remains very informal at this stage. However, it is expected that each child reads for around 10 minutes per evening in a relaxed atmosphere and practises weekly spellings.

In Pre-Prep we encourage a love of reading and all children read to an adult every day. The children enjoy this special time to talk about the books they are reading and to practise using their expanding phonics knowledge.

Pre-Prep benefits from a full time teaching assistant who supports the children in their daily learning in the classroom.


Autumn Pre-Prep Newsletter
4th Sep 2020

Pre-Prep (Year 1)

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