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Olympia Trip December 2019 diary written by Nell Howard, Upper Juniors

“On the 19th December 2019 a group of 30 of us went to Olympia in the train or by car. Olympia is a horse and dog event by the way.

“The first activity was carriage driving with four horses at the front of a carriage with people in it, one was the driver and the other two were leaning to the side when they suddenly went around a corner. The aim was to get the lowest time, but not only did you have to get the lowest time you also needed to weave in and out of cones and remember there are 4 horses at the front. There was an incident where the driver took a corner too sharp and too fast and the front right-hand horse fell over and got trodden on by the left front horse. At the time it was horrible watching this and it was quite scary thinking about what could have happened.

“The second activity was Horse Whispering, Jean-Francois Pignon came out and all these white horses came out after him with no bridle, no saddle, no nothing. Then five minutes later this little Shetland pony came out and guess what? Jean-Francois tapped his watch to say you are late!

“The third activity was dog agility where a dog jumps over jumps and has to go as quickly as possible without knocking any off, then whoever goes fastest wins. The breed of dog that won was a brown Springer Spaniel. It wasn’t the owners running around with the dogs it was specialist trainers who were about 20 years old.

“There was also a Musical Ride by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, all in full uniform riding black horses to music and different shapes.

“There were also loads of other things too including jumping where the horses jump over jumps and do it as quickly as possible then the fastest wins!”

Thank you Nell for sharing this very descriptive diary! What an exciting trip!


Would you be interested in the 2020 trip?

We had a great day out, and an adventure packed trip home too, with people nearly getting on the wrong train, and then a landslide at Liss, but we all got home in the end!

We are keen to gauge interest in running the Olympia Trip again in Dec 2020 and maybe a trip to the Royal Windsor Horse Show in May 2020. If you are interested, please email Bursar@ditchampark.com

Kate Brickwood & Denise Allen

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