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Ditcham Park School - Parents' Evening

Parents' Evening information for the up and coming terms

Autumn Term 2014

Wednesday 10th September               Juniors’ Welcome & Curriculum Evening

Thursday 11th September                   Welcome to the Senior Curriculum Evening, Form 1

Thursday 9th October                         Form 1 + new pupils joining the Senior School

Tuesday 4th November                       Juniors’ Parents’ Evening

Thursday 6th November                     Juniors’ Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 19th November               Form 5 Parents’ Evening

Spring Term 2015

Tuesday 27th January                         Form 2 Parents’ Evening

Tuesday 3rd March                             Form 5 Revision Evening for Parents & Pupils

Thursday 5th March                            Form 4 Parents’ Evening

Tuesday 10th March                           Form 5 Focus Evening

Thursday 19th March                          Juniors’ Parents’ Evening

Wednesday 25th March                      Form 3 Parents’ Evening

Summer Term 2015

Monday 11th May                               Form 1 Parents’ Evening