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Ditcham Park School - Eco-Committee

CLIMATE CHANGE Your planet, your future! Make a difference.

As part of our on-going commitment to reducing the impact we have on the planet, the whole school is participating in a National Campaign “Switch Off Fortnight” run by Eco-Schools. During the fortnight pupils and staff will be encouraged to switch off lights in empty classrooms and look for ways to save energy. Pupils will be able to involve their families and friends in saving energy by completing a fun worksheet which hunts down any “Energy Vampires” greedily sucking up power and hiding in their homes!  (click here for: “Energy Vampire Slayer Activity Sheet”)


Our Environmental Mission at Ditcham Park School is to help children to appreciate their natural environment and learn to live in harmony with it.

Sympathy with the environment is ‘sewn into the fabric’ of the curriculum throughout the whole school and children are taught the importance of taking responsibility and action to ensure that the world is a better place to live in.


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Please click this link to find out about our Millennium Garden Biodiversity Study done by Harry Colley




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