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DPS 2014 GCSE Results

2014 GCSE Results Summary



98% of pupils achieved 5 or more A*- C¹passes

79% of all results were ‘B’ or higher

46% were ‘A/A*’ grades

42% of pupils gained 5 or more A* and A grades

435 GCSE subjects taken in all

(Full GCSE courses only. ¹ The percentage with English and Maths is 89.1%)

gcse 14 chart


DPS pupils achieve highest proportion of A/A*
grades for 4 years

This year’s results reflect the national picture, where the changes in the way subjects are examined have had an impact on results in some subjects. However, overall results are impressive with 46% of all examinations taken achieving an A or A* grade, which improves on last year’s excellent results. Perhaps of even more significance for a school that is not highly selective, almost 80% all examinations taken were ‘B’ grades or better, again an improvement on the last few years in what is clearly a more volatile GCSE results climate.

  • A good number of individuals had outstanding results with 11 pupils, (24.5%) achieving an excellent 8 ‘A’ grades or better in the GCSE subjects that they sat. These achievers were: Tom Baynes, William Colley, Lorna Crowley, Annie Davis, Joe Hunt, Jemima O’Kelly, Sami Pegg, Kai Rogers, Anton Sukhorukov, Matt Waters and Freddie Woods. Of these: Annie Davis, Joe Hunt and Matt Waters all achieved 10 ‘A’ grades or better in every subject they sat, including at least 8 A*’s. All three students also passed their Maths FSMQ with top ‘A’ grades. Joe Hunt deserves an extra special mention as he passed with A*’s in every subject, a perfect achievement.

gcse 14 2

  • Many departments achieved outstanding results with The Sciences, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography and Art of particular note.
  • This year the cohort taking GCSE’s had a very balanced gender distribution with 23 girls and 22 boys (45 in total) sitting their GCSE’s.

GCSE ‘Value added’ also increased this year

This is a measure where pupils predicted GCSE results, based on national CATS benchmark scores, are measured against the grades they actually achieved. This year’s average value added was 5.9 or nearly 6 GCSE grades per pupil higher than expected across the 10 subjects most pupils sat. For 25% of the cohort this ‘added value’ was 10 grades or more, a significant improvement over recent years, and a reflection on all the hard work put in by the pupils and their teachers as well as the considerable support given at home by our parents. Congratulations to all involved in the process.